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MACKINAW CITY—With tourist season in full-swing in the Village of Mackinaw City, residents and visitors alike should remember to carefully scrutinize receipts and invoices from hotels, motels and businesses carefully.  Mackinaw City boasts the finest tourist-centric business community in Michigan, but during the peak of what is typically a hectic and demanding tourist season, billing errors do occasionally occur.

Specifically, it has come to the Village’s attention that some hotel and motel employees have inadvertently informed their guests that a line-item “Hydro Fee” charge on their room invoice was a fee imposed by the Village.  Visitors should be aware that Mackinaw City does not impose any “Hydro Fee” requirements on hotel or motel operators within the Village.  If you see this, or a similar charge on your hotel or motel receipt or invoice, please note that it is not a fee assessed by the Village.  Further, no proceeds from any line-item charges are directly attributable to Mackinaw City.
Mackinaw City recognizes the critical role tourism plays in not only its seasonal, but its year-round economy.  The Village strives to protect its visitors and ensure a pleasant stay.  If you have any questions or concerns about the “Hydro Fee”, or are informed by hotel or motel staff that a certain charge is imposed by the Village of Mackinaw City, please notify Village Hall as soon as possible at (231) 436-5351.

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